6 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

Dr. Trevon Cardon
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Winter is here, and with it come shorter days, colder temperatures, and the ever-circulating runny nose. Don’t let the season slow you down with these six easy tips to stay healthy this winter

Eat plenty of immune-boosting foods.

While backyard barbeques, watermelon, and fresh peaches may be in the rearview mirror, winter provides plenty of wonderful fresh immune-boosting foods—sweet potatoes full of Vitamin A, fresh citrus and dark leafy greens full of Vitamin C, and mushrooms with their high levels of Vitamin D can all help to promote health. Food is medicine!

Keep hydrated

We often associate dehydration with sweltering summer heat, but dehydration during the winter is common. While you may not be sweating under the blazing sun, the cold, dry Colorado air can lead to dehydration as we lose moisture through our breath. Make sure to carry water with you wherever you go and don’t rely on thirst to guide your intake. And don’t forget, electrolyte replacement when sick can make a huge difference in your recovery!

Prioritize sleep

We all underestimate the importance of sleep, though never is it more important than during the winter months. Take advantage of the shorter days to unplug early and get the rest you need. Establish good sleep habits by promoting good sleep hygiene: establish a routine, turn screens off a minimum of 1 hour prior to bedtime, maximize natural light during the day, avoid large meals/caffeine/sugar before bedtime, and above all—be consistent.

Wash hands frequently and effectively

If the last 2 years has taught us anything (hopefully) it is the importance of good hand hygiene. Winter months are active season for many pesky viruses and illnesses. To stop the spread of germs, make sure to wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. When hand washing is not an option, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. If you want to get real nerdy about the science of handwashing, read more here.

Harness the power of the sun

Colorado is known for it’s 300 days of sunlight, so let’s use it! Natural light is essential for regulation of our sleep cycles. Let sun light into the home early and often. Get outside early in the day even if only for 5-10 minutes. Not only will your energy throughout the day and sleep at night be impacted, the bonus of the immune-boosting powers of Vitamin D can’t be understated.

Invest in preventive healthcare

I am obviously partial to this one, but quality primary care can make a world of difference. Multiple studies have shown the tremendous effect primary care can have on your health and your wallet. Having someone you trust to whom you can turn for guidance to stay healthy as well as for care in times of sickness can make a huge impact. Book a free consultation at Hometown Family Health to see how the relationships and trust we build through Direct Primary Care can help you and your family this winter.

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