What is Direct Primary Care?

With direct primary care you pay a monthly membership fee in exchange for complete and direct access to your doctor. Direct primary care is about removing all obstacles between the doctor and patient relationship.  It is an affordable way for you to confidently take the guesswork out of your health.

Why the name "Hometown Family Health"?

Hometown- Where we’re from. Both Dr. Cardon and Allison grew up in Fort Collins and are proud to be home serving the community they love. We understand your needs and your values, as well as your struggles and worries.

Family- What we’re creating. On the surface, we are trained to address the needs of the entire family. More than this, though, we want you to feel that you are a part of our family. We hope to create a true community built on strong relationships.

Health- What we promote. So much of medicine today is focused on illness and injury, often waiting until you’re sick or hurt to respond. While we are here for your acute needs, our goal is to assist you in meeting your health goals through a focus on lifestyle and prevention.

Do you accept insurance?

Thankfully, no.  Insurance has a place in managing serious health issues, but not in everyday health care.  We forgo insurance reimbursements in order to save our patients from the arbitrary and intrusive decisions that inevitably occur with third-party payers and enable us to spend the time needed to provide a superior care experience.  Declining insurance also frees us from the typical contractual agreements that would prevent us from offering wholesale prices on laboratory tests, imaging, and medications to our patients.

What's included in my membership?

All visits with no copays or fees, direct communication with your doctor (via text, email or phone call), minor in office procedures, osteopathic manipulative medicine for acute conditions, lifestyle medicine including exercise programs and recommendations from a certified personal trainer, and discounted pricing for labs/imaging/medications.  See our services page for complete details on all services.

What if I never go ot the doctor?

The doctor’s office has been thought of as a place to go only when sick. While we are on call (and your speed dial) 24/7 for your acute needs, we also provide truly personalized healthcare aimed to maintain good health and prevent disease.

Do you work with small business?

We certainly do.  Direct primary care can save small businesses money while providing their employees with great benefits.  Please visit our employer page for more information.

How can you guarantee all these services to your patients? 

You’ll be amazed at the freedom gained from moving outside the traditional system. While a traditional family practice needs a patient panel in the thousands with scheduled appointments every 10-15 minutes to survive, at Hometown Family Health our patient panel will cap somewhere between 500-600 patients with options available for in-person or telehealth visits. Rest assured, at Hometown Family Health you are known, appreciated, and valued.

Are you affiliated with any hospitals?

We will be offering inpatient hospital services in the near future. Stay tuned for updates as they come.

What if I have a medical need after hours?

In all situations, if it is an immediate emergency please call 911 or visit the closest ER.  Otherwise, Dr. Cardon is available for urgent situations that cannot wait until business hours the following day.  If you have an immediate after hours need please call, do not text or email for urgent needs.  In order for Dr. Cardon to provide the best care for patients please only call after hours if it is urgent.

What happens when Dr. Cardon is out of town?

We will notify you in advance of any office closures in order to take care of any planned or chronic need. While Dr. Cardon is out, we work with other DPC practices in Northern Colorado who can address your acute needs. All of these visits are included in your standard membership.

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